Lever House Trading Floor

New York, NY

To reflect their firm’s progressive approach, an international hedge fund asked LSS to create a new, cutting-edge work environment, relocating their headquarters to a floor in Gordon Bunshaft’s iconic Lever House, in Manhattan.

The convention of traditional wood-paneled offices was eschewed in favor of the modified open plan and airy palate of an art gallery. Interlocking spaces unify the business’ two opposing needs: the animated trading floor and the quiet research areas. Research pods extend the building’s stair core across the space, shielding the research bullpen visually and acoustically from the open central trading floor. Undulating ceiling panels weave through the office, modulating light, organizing and concealing a complex array of services, and enlivening the space while drawing one’s eye toward the spectacular views of the city beyond.

Project Team 

Marc Turkel

Morgan Hare

Pauline Shu


Executive Architect

TPG Architecture


General Contractor

Lehr Construction Corp


Mechanical Engineer

Robert Denector Associates


Structural Engineer

Gilsanz Murphey Steficek



HLB Lighting



Paul Warchol