Courtyard Townhouse

New York, NY

Creative tension is being explored between an overscaled brick warehouse, a rotating collection of large-scale paintings and sculpture, and a comfortable, elegant home. The strong materiality and large scale elements of the intervention evoke the raw, massive building underneath, while crisp details create a counterpoint to form, space, and structure. A carved plaster stair serves as a touchstone connecting all of the major spaces to the entrance and central courtyard, while harnessing the structural energy of the existing building.


Project Team

Shawn Watts

Kate Bedford

James Kennedy

Alex Doran

Joanne Cairns

Kathryn van Voorhees

Laura Di Fiore


General Contractor

Xhema Industries


MEP Engineer

Bendix Engineering, P.C.


Structural Engineer

Gace Consulting Engineers, P.C.


Landmarks Architect

Higgins Quaesbarth


Landscape Architect

Hollander Design