A Studio of Makers Exhibit

New York, NY

Leroy Street Studio has created a storefront gallery in our studio at 65 Allen Street to exhibit the work of LSS, individual studio members, and our creative collaborators. This is a space where we can share our individual and collective craft, processes and passions, and where we can learn from the knowledge, experience, and perspectives of our community. The exhibition, A Studio of Makers, celebrated the work of LSS studio members conceived, designed, and made outside the workplace.

At LSS, our design process is anchored by curiosity, invention and craft. We come from a variety of artistic backgrounds and deeply value the act of making. Every piece in A Studio of Makers reflected a process of restless discovery—our captivation with the handmade, our drive to create, and our exploration of what inspires us. Although our interests vary, the interrogation of materials, details, and mediums is the common denominator informing what we do both inside and outside the studio.


Robert Allison

Pamela Atwood

Leslie Bailey

Annika Bowker

Kate Bedford

Felipe Calderon

Frank Chen

Lisa Feldmann

Eric Fennell

Jonathan Fernandes

Allen Gillers

Jarri Hasnain

Greg Heasley

Tove Hermanson

Todd Higuchi

Tatiana Kalainoff

James Kennedy

Tamarah Mata-Lasky

Veer Nanavatty

Nate Oppenheim

Tinuade Oyelowo

Laura Reneke

Samriddhi Sharma

Lesli Stinger

Alex Witko

Kory Worl



Tatiana Kalainoff

Rushan Malla

Joey Rake-Delaney