Sweet Rehab 

New York, NY

New York-based design teams Leroy Street Studio Interiors and RUEd’ ARCH worked with Parisian Chef David Zaquine to open a new French patisserie, Sweet Rehab, in an historic Soho tenement. Lush pop accents with turn-of-the-century charm transforms this Sullivan Street walk-in bakery into a place to see and be seen, with a playful contemporary design rooted in Art Deco and punctuated by artifacts scoured from Parisian markets.

The space is organized into three materially distinct zones: a richly textured front-of- house area for customer seating and the showcasing of pastries; a steel and glass-defined central workspace, where chefs theatrically sheet dough and roll pastries atop an oversized island, large enough to accommodate pastry-making classes; and a bright white back kitchen for proofing, cooking, and baking. The result is an elegant, multi-layered space that, though no more than 800 square feet in its entirety, feels more akin to an intimate boutique hotel than a traditional bakery.




Project Team:

Sybille Schneider with RUE d’Arch


Nicole Franzen