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LSS Architecture is an award winning architectural studio inspired by innovation in design, the craft of construction, and a collaborative approach that places our clients’ needs at the center of the design process.

LSS Architecture

LSS is interested in pursuing intensive research into local building techniques, systems and materials, as well as rigorously examining the physical, social, and environmental context. We derive architecture through a synthesis of diverse forces that allow us to create a unique design for each client, informed by their requirements and desires. LSS has led large design teams through the completion of projects throughout the US and abroad. We specialize in complex projects with aggressive schedules and in innovative, low-cost solutions to everyday problems. In 2002, in an effort to adapt our process to address the needs of those who do not have access to design services, LSS founded Hester Street Collaborative, a non-profit design/build workshop that helps students and local residents improve their public spaces. In 2008, informed by their backgrounds in contracting, LSS founded BLDG, a construction management company dedicated to bringing LSS clients a better, more cost-effective product through an integrated design and construction process. In 2010, LSS added an in-house interior design department. Leroy Street Studio was founded by Morgan Hare and Marc Turkel in 1995. Shawn Watts joined the practice in 1997 and became a partner in 2005.

LSS Community

In 2001, Leroy Street Studio founded Hester Street Collaborative, a nonprofit participatory design/build workshop, to improve the physical environment in underserved NYC neighborhoods. HSC’s guiding principle is that civic engagement in participatory design helps disadvantaged residents create a profound impact on their communities. HSC works with local residents to transform neglected public spaces in parks, schools, and affordable housing developments through a design/build process which allows community stakeholders to play a hands-on role. This approach encourages a sense of ownership in the built environment by offering members of the community the opportunity to plan and realize a shared vision. In addition to running an extensive design/build education program in several New York City public schools, HSC uses its architecture, design, and community-visioning expertise to initiate site-specific projects that work in tandem with community-led efforts to improve parks and other neighborhood spaces.

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Alley Pond Environmental Center
Ground up
Pier 42
P.S. Libraries

LSS Construction

In 2008, the partners of Leroy Street Studio extended their commitment to design rooted in the craft of building by founding BLDG, a construction management company dedicated to building the work designed by the studio. By taking responsibility for a project from conception to completion, BLDG is able to deliver a completed project at exceptional value while maintaining the highest level of quality. With over 40 years combined experience in general contracting, construction management, and design experience, BLDG excels at streamlining the building process – maintaining flexibility and eliminating redundancy while controlling costs.

Shore House
Cube House
Collaborative Studio
LSS Studios + Gallery
5th Ave Modern
Park Ave Design-Build Combinations

LSS Interiors

In 2010, LSS added an in-house interior design department. LSS Interiors emerged as an evolution of our studio’s ever-expanding range of interests. The department is committed to develop each of our projects in depth of detail and breadth of possibility. Led by interior designer Sybille Schneider, LSS Interiors re-affirms our studio’s pursuit of a collaborative and engaging model of architectural practice.

Shore House
Cove House

Charlie Bird
90 Morton St.
D.C. Townhouse
Office Triplex
Pasquale Jones