West Village Townhouse & Apartments

New York, NY

This project knits a new apartment building and townhouse into an historic urban neighborhood, with refined materials and carefully crafted contextual detailing.

The townhouse facades, detailed with woven Belgian bricks, custom stacked terra cotta, and cast and milled bronze plate, encloses garden spaces optimizing privacy within, while contributing aesthetically to the neighborhood. Internal, external courtyard, rooftop and backyard spaces offer light and unexpected views through the townhouse, giving it a feeling of openness.

The apartment building façade is layered in glass, wood, and bronze detailing to match the attached townhouse at street level. Together the two buildings are composed to restore the neighborhood’s corner site, stitching it back into the historic fabric.

Project Team 

Marc Turkel

Shawn Watts

Pauline Shu

Veer Nanavatty

John Banks

Kory Worl

General Contractor

Sciame Construction

Mechanical Engineer

Thomas Polise Consulting Engineer

Structural Engineer

Silman Structural Engineers

Landscape Architects

Edmund Hollander Design