OXO Headquarters

New York, NY

LSS’s scheme for the new headquarters of OXO International, maker of ergonomic home goods, not only incorporates an inventive use of renewable and unexpected materials that reflect the company’s forward-thinking design aesthetic, but also pays homage to the iconic building in which it is housed.

Working with senior staff and over 100 employees, LSS structured the space to fit the client’s non-hierarchical and collaborative ethos. Tailoring the environment to the firm’s team-oriented nature and utilizing existing elements within the building, LSS took advantage of the large bays of mushroom-shaped columns by clustering desks around a common work table to create identifiable work zones. Openness to views of the city and to the office as a whole are emphasized, while large, curtain storage elements are incorporated into the space, granting easy access to the products and prototypes that are essential to the firm’s work. Two conference room pavilions are constructed in brick and polycarbonate to play with perceptions of interior and exterior.  Off-the-shelf sustainable materials coupled with a tight schedule inspired an architectural language that is simple and resilient.

Project Team 

Morgan Hare

Marc Turkel

Cat Newsom

Becky Vas


General Contractor

Square Indigo


MEP Engineer

Laszlo Bodak Engineers


Structural Engineer

A Degree of Freedom


Lighting Design

Clinard Design Studio



Kevin Chu + Jessica Paul