Oak Grove House

Coral Gables, Florida

Set on the historic Coral Gables property of the philanthropist, Arthur Vining Davis, this project takes advantage of the elevated topography and the spectacular, dense collection of pin oak trees that frame views of a dramatic private waterfront inlet. Knit sensitively and deferentially into its surroundings, the massing of this project is generated in response to the site, weaving among the majestic mature oaks. The resulting forms balance indoor and outdoor living through a series of interconnected courtyards, each unique in nature and scale framing views and blurring the delineation between inside and out.

The drama of the landscape running through the interior is heightened by dramatic stacked limestone walls, planters, and enormous stone slab floors that continue outside. The exterior entry court is flooded to create a koi pond that is bridged and reappears inside the house under the main steel and glass floating stair. The house itself feels as if it is floating– unsupported over 60 feet from one end of the central space to the other. A bridge/mezzanine also spans this interior, so one can experience the spatial drama from the second floor.

The material palette and formal design of the house was developed in response to the sub-tropical climate. Passive cooling, shade and cross ventilation were important considerations to minimize energy consumption. A unique saw-cut textured stacked stone layup was developed, creating a feeling of integrity and mass throughout the building and landscape. Custom bronze-glazed terra cotta tiles and “baguette” louvers deploy a traditional local material in a modern and innovative form, while custom metal and woodwork pieces, and bespoke rosewood veneer features contribute to the projects unique, crafted quality.

Project Team 

Marc Turkel

Pauline Shu

Becky Yurek

Jeff Sullivan

General Contractor

Paskoski Construction

Mechanical Engineer

Formica & Associates, Inc.

Structural Engineer

Douglas Wood Associates

Landscape Architects

Geomantic Designs

Interior Design

Deborah Wecselman Design


Claudia Uribe Touri

Kris Tamberello