LSS Studios + Gallery

New York, NY

The Leroy Street Studio office includes a ground floor gallery and two-story studio space with a materials and book library extending across the two floors. Mining the feedback received by current employees, the design embodies a collaborative effort to create a comfortable and supportive work environment.

Located in LSS’s longtime home within the historic LES/Chinatown area, the history of this 1910 building is celebrated with exposed elements of its existing structure like the brick walls and wood joists. Our studio’s connection to the neighborhood is further strengthened by collaborating with, and supporting local tradesmen and businesses. New interventions include a two-story book and materials library traversed by catwalk split tread stairs that translate a similar shelving system from our previous studio to the new space, while also integrating the two main studio floors.

Not only did we want the space to celebrate the neighborhood, but also the studio’s past by selecting a space that included a storefront. Continuing to interweave the unique tapestry of old and new eateries, discount stores, and galleries, our storefront includes a gallery and workshop space. This highly visible space allows us to host events with industry partners.

Our former studio at 113 Hester Street has been transformed into a ground floor wood/work-shop and two-story headquarters for Hester St., our expanded non-profit affiliate.

Project Team 

Marc Turkel

Morgan Hare

Shawn Watts

Laura Reneke

Greg Heasley

Jen Shin

James Kennedy

Rick Wei


BLDG, Inc.


IP Group

Structural Engineer

Blue Sky Design


Clinard Design Studio

A/V Consultant



Kit Middleton


Marquis Millwork + Carpentry