Hill House

Shelter Island, NY

The site of this residence was fine-tuned over a period of years with a client who spends a large amount of time outdoors on the land. The family had very specific ideas regarding the juxtaposition of the open public spaces against the privacy and seclusion of the bedrooms.

The house overlooks a distant bay from atop a steeply sloped site. The base of the house is shaped by a series of stone retaining walls that form stepped terraces in the landscape. Two hovering cedar-clad boxes linked by a multi-purpose roof deck, shelter interior and exterior public spaces below, and house the private components of the program.

Project Team 

Marc Turkel

Morgan Hare

Meaghan Smialowski

Lesli Stinger


Mechanical Engineer

Condon Engineering


Structural Engineer

Robert Silman Associates


Landscape Architects

Starr Whitehouse


Environmental Consultant

Sherman Engineering & Consulting



Robert Reylek, Inc.



Clinard Design Studio


Interior Design

Silkworth Interiors


Scott Frances