90 Morton

New York, NY

This project is the adaptive reuse of a 1911 printing factory into a new 30-unit residential building in Manhattan’s far West Village, New York City’s formerly-gritty and bustling international port and leading industrial center. The massive masonry industrial buildings of this period—over-structured with mighty concrete beams and hefty concrete columns—evolved specifically to handle substantial machinery live loads, and featured over-scaled window openings to optimize daylight for workers to reduce lighting demands.

Harnessing this simple and authentic history of the building, LSSInteriors has juxtaposed the raw original structure with the introduction of layers of refinement seen in natural materials and modern detailing that conveys a sense of understated luxury and timelessness. To celebrate its gritty past, the original column and beam structure is exposed, the substantial wall thickness emphasized, and the original building’s features contrasted with new solid stone and oak detailing.


Project Team

Marc Turkel

Sybille Schneider

Eun Buettner

Nate Oppenheim

Emily Kettlewell

Tamarah Mata-Lasky

Kory Worl

Marcie Chlewicki



Binyan Studios



Danielle Gottesman